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Who we are

We have breathed the territory, explored every corner of Puglia, savored its essence, and guided thousands of guests here for years. Katia and Samantha are two friends, two tour guides.

These two friends joined forces, putting together their experience, competence, and organizational skills to make a dream come true.

This is how Emotional Puglia was born! Our project has one goal: helping visitors discover Puglia by leading them towards new destinations and having exclusive experiences using our unpublished itineraries.

Puglia is a wonderful region. Many know of it for the sea, the trulli, and the farms. But Puglia is much, much more. Puglia is a state of mind. It is a place of the heart to be known and loved, it is a rustle of wind, a chirping of cicadas, the soft light that bathes the Romanesque cathedrals, the fragrance and flavor of freshly baked bread. It is dozens of experiences, warm emotions, and memories breathed in deeply for a truly unforgettable holiday.

Come and discover it with us!

Do you want to visit Puglia?

Start from your interests and find the best itinerary for you!


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