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Lovers of good food should not miss tasting the gastronomic specialties of the land of Puglia! So why not our fun Cooking Class?

Daily Tour

Flavors of Itria Valley.
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    During the first part of the day we will discover Alberobello, the capital of the trulli, the quirky round stone houses with the conical stone roofs. We will see a typical Trullo from the inside and, afterwards, taste the famous Apulian "taralli".
    Puglia is famous for its “pasta filata cheese”, such as mozzarella. We will visit a local farm and meet their “Master Cheese Maker.” He will demonstrate their methods of production and give us an intimate and delicious insider's knowledge. At the end of the demonstration we will be able to taste delicious, freshly made mozzarella!
    We will then continue to Locorotondo, the orange flag of the Touring Club and "one of the most beautiful villages in Italy", a small jewel of the Itria Valley.

  • The Tour includes:
    • Tour with a licensed tour guide
    • Transfer to and from hotels
    • Tasting of typical Apulian fare
    • Mozzarella Workshop


Special Wine Tour.
  • First day: Manduria and Grottaglie

    A weekend to discover the local flavors and craftsmanship. Puglia is becoming increasingly popular on the wine market. Its rocky and sandy territory has allowed the development of several vineyards and the town of Manduria is the symbol of primitive wine. The local wine museum will welcome us, where an exhibition tells the story of harvest tools through peasant art. A wine tasting will follow the visit. We will continue to Grottaglie, famous for its ceramics and pottery. We will see the phases of creation from terracotta to ceramic, passing from the working to the lathe. We will leave Grottaglie for a winery to admire its wonderful vineyard-garden, where we will taste the food and wine specialties.

  • Second day: Lecce and Scorrano

    The morning is dedicated to visiting of one of the most charming wineries in Salento, a real sensorial laboratory, to discover the local wines. We will continue our journey through the baroque streets of Lecce to admire its splendid palaces, monumental churches, and the ancient art of papier mache.
    At the end of the visit we will reach Scorrano, in the heart of Salento. We will have the opportunity to visit an ancient estate where farmers have been producing wine, oil, cereals, and legumes for generations. We will visit the ancient hypogeum and taste the excellent local wines.
    For each day, lunch is on your own. We will be happy to help you book lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. Or feel free to wander this charming town and check out the restaurants we've marked on the map we've provided.

  • The Tour includes:
    • Tour with a licensed tour guide
    • Tickets for the Manduria Museum entrance
    • Wine tasting as per program
    • Tasting of typical Apulian fare
    • Transfer to and from hotels
    • Ticket entrance to the Cathedral and Santa Croce (Lecce)

Food Tour – Discovering Puglia!

An itinerary to discover the characteristic flavors of a land rich in gastronomic heritage.
  • Day 1: Flavours of Puglia and Basilicata

    A day of history and flavors between Puglia and Basilicata. Our day starts in Matera, known as the City of Stones. It is a world heritage site and former European Capital of Culture 2019. Listed among the oldest cities in the world, it is often the setting for international film productions. We will have the opportunity to visit a typical "Cave House,' visiting the ancient living spaces carved into the rock. Then we will leave Matera for Altamura, home of the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) bread. A excellent will greet us at a local bakery offering PDO bread, taralli, and other traditional baked goods, baked in their wood burning oven following strict guidelines.
    Afterwards, we will take a pleasant cultural walk through the alleys of the historic center to admire one of the most beautiful Romanesque cathedrals in Puglia, the cloisters, and the church of S. Nicola dei Greci.

  • Day 2: Colors of the Adriatic Sea

    Bari, the capital of Puglia has recently revitalized itself, launching a lively and dynamic tourist experience. We will wind through the quaint alleys that lead to the ancient Basilica of San Nicola and the characteristic "orecchiette road". At the end of the visit there will be a small stop to taste the “Apulian Panzerotto” with mozzarella and steaming tomato.
    In the afternoon we visit the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, Polignano a Mare. This cliff-top city is famous for its splendid terraces overlooking the sea and for having given birth to Domenico Modugno (Mr. Volare).

  • Day 3: Caves, Trulli and Cooking Class

    In the morning we will visit the magnificent caves of Castellana Grotte, an invaluable treasure. On our guided subterranean journey, we will discover enormous stalactites and stalagmites; delicate feathery features. For lunch, we will pop in to a farmhouse “Masseria” and a tasty Cooking Class where we will learn the methods, traditions, and secrets of the typical Apulian cuisine. Puglia is famous for its “pasta filata cheese”, such as mozzarella. During the visit at the local farm we will meet their “Master Cheese Maker.” He will demonstrate their methods of production and give us an intimate and delicious insider's knowledge. At the end of the demonstration we will be able to taste delicious, freshly made mozzarella! After lunch, we will continue to Alberobello, the capital of the "Trulli" houses. This UNESCO World Heritage Site captivates visitors with its abundance of these quirky, cylindrical homes with their cone-shaped stone roofs. We will take in the panoramic views and drift along the charismatic streets admiring local craftsmanship, all the while taking in this extraordinary village.

  • Day 4: Itria Valley and Wine

    Our morning begins with a pleasant walk through the ancient village of Martina Franca. We will take in the facades of the noble palaces characterized by their delicate "baroque" style as we head to the collegiate church of S. Martino. Following this, we will explore a typical, weekly open-air market where the locals come to socialize, display their wares, and make excellent purchases. Afterwards, we will drop by one of the most charming wine cellars of Puglia, where you can admire the vineyards and see the stages of wine production. Naturally, we will savor many of the the vintages they produce along with a spread of food pairings chosen specifically to enhance our enjoyment of these wines. Lunch included at the wine cellar.

  • Day 5: Discovering Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    We will enjoy a scenic ride to Ostuni, the white city. We will stroll through the charming narrow streets of this enchanting town, which overlooks the plain of ancient olive groves with the Adriatic Sea as a backdrop. It is said that there are a million of these 1000 year-old olive trees!
    Puglia is a major producer of extra virgin olive oil, so our next stop we will be to visit a family-run olive oil mill. Here we will learn about current production techniques along with the ancient traditions, helping us to understand how oil was produced in the past. And of course we will taste some extra virgin olive oil!
    After a lunch of traditional, local fare, we will move to one of our favourite villages, the jewel of the Itria Valley, Locorotondo. Famous for its white washed houses and narrow streets drenched in blossoms, we will take in the commanding view from atop the nearly intact medieval walls. Wander about the maze of brilliant white lanes, medieval facades, and grand baroque archways, perhaps stopping at an outdoor bistro for a cafè or a glass of Cantina Sociale del Locorotondo, a sparkling white wine famous in Italy.

  • Dinner: “Goodbye Puglia”

    In the evening we will discover Cisternino, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy! Called "The Balcony on the Itria Valley," the valley is famous for its trulli and dry stone walls which crisscross the landscape. After a pleasant walk, we will have dinner at one of the many "fornelli", a typical butcher shop/restaurant, to feast on the local roasted meats or one of their exquisite roasted "bowls".

    Enjoy your Puglia with us!

  • The Tour includes:
    • Tour with a licensed tour guide
    • Tastings as program
    • Visits to the oil mill and cellar
    • Cooking class and Masseria lunch
    • Ticket Grotte di Castellana entrance
    • Ticket entrance Casa grotta in Matera
    • Transfer to and from hotels
Bari Pescatori
Vino Pugliese
Martina Franca
Grotte Castellana
Frantolio D Amico

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