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For those who want to immerse themselves in the magic of this enchanting land, our “Experiences” are for you!

Whether you want to connect with the nature, art, and/or food of this ancient land, or your “goal” is to relax in a splendid location, one of our experiences will satisfy all your desires.

Cooking Class

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    If you are a foodie and love getting your hands in the dough, deepen your knowledge of Apulian cuisine with our private cooking classes. These Experiences include cooking lessons for individuals or small groups who are eager to embark on a journey of southern Italian flavor. In an exclusive location, our “grandmother” will reveal all the secrets of the most renowned recipes of the Apulian gastronomic tradition. She will teach you how to combine the typical ingredients of the area, infusing you with knowledge of the land and its many culinary expressions. If it is true that cooking is passion, sociability, and conviviality, then our cooking class is the opportunity you've been waiting for. Come live a new and exciting taste experience!

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Cooking 4
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Cooking 6

Wine Tour

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    Travel in style while discovering a territory, its culture, its history, and hear the voice of a timeless drink echoing to us from the past. If wine is your passion, come with us, to visit and get to know the places where the vines are grown and famous labels are produced. We will visit a winery to find out the secrets of winemaking and aging. Together with expert wine producers, you will learn the characteristics of some vines, how they are grown, and how the grapes are transformed. You will taste different types of wine, along with typical Apulian fare, to enhance their qualities and flavors. This is an experience that goes beyond mere flavor, but tastes of territory, discovery, and passion.

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Wine 2
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Wine 6

Mozzarella Tour

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    Among the many delicacies of Apulian gastronomy, mozzarella is one of the most appreciated! To learn more about this pasta filata cheese, we will take you to visit a farm where dairy products are still made strictly by hand, respecting the tradition of the past. You can retrace the origins and history of fresh cheese in Puglia. Our cheesemaker will show you all the stages of the artisan production of mozzarella. To top off the tour, what could be better than a delicious tasting? Dairy-based... of course!

Preparazione Mozzarella 4
Treccia Mozzarella
Cacio Cavallo 1
Preparazione Mozzarella
Preparazione Mozzarella 3

Oil Tasting

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    Considered a staple of the Mediterranean diet, extra virgin olive oil is renowned worldwide for its properties. Our Apulian oil, in particular, stands out for its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. We will take you on the oil tour, to discover this exceptional food. Walking among these ancient olive trees, one is filled with awe and reverence for the centuries of love and care they have received. Filled with this exhilaration, we will visit a timeless oil mill, discover the various milling techniques, and learn about the ancient ways which continue to speak to us today from the past. At the end of the visit you can taste different types of Apulian extra virgin olive oil and learn to recognize the characteristics of a quality oil.

Olio 1
Olio 2
Olio 3
Olio 4
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Olio 7

Chic Pic Nic

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    There is a time of day when the sky of Puglia is colored with magic.
    Our setting sun offers a truly unmissable show: with our picnics you can fully enjoy this emotion, enjoying an aperitif in an exclusive seaside or panoramic location. Whether you're a couple seeking a romantic mini-get-away, or family/friends seeking a unique moment, our picnics will create indelible memories of the magic of Puglia.

Picnic 2
Focaccia Pugliese
Picnic 1

Bike Tour

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    Our Bike tours offer a different concept of vacation. Peddling through charming country lanes, you will lose yourself completely in the enchanting landscape of Puglia. Gliding along centuries-old rock walls with the breeze in your hair, you will ride through earthy vineyards, blossoming orchards, and crumbling ruins. On our organized bike tours, you will discover the wonderful hills of the Murgia, coastal routes full of light, and the breathtaking views that this land offers. Along the way, trusted locals will provide refreshments and traditional goodies in beautiful country-side locations. We have bike tours from one hour to several days and for every level of fitness. Join us for an unforgettable ride. Bike rental and all transfers are included. Mount up!

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Bike 3
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Bike 5
Bike 6
Bike 7


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    Off the beaten path, there is a little-known Puglia. With immeasurable charm, it waits to be lived in every season. Our itineraries are designed for those who want to discover the most authentic Puglia and whose concept of hiking includes knowledge, respect, and connection with our soul-places. There are many trekking proposals to choose from: places with a great natural, botanical, and faunal interest; the ways of the country shepherd; the historical path of religious pilgrims; the ways of the Roman aqueduct; or trekking above and through our gorgeous valleys.

Trekking 2
Trekking 3
Trekking 4
Trekking 7
Trekking 8
Trekking 9

Buggy Tour

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    If you are looking for a fun and original way to visit the Murgia, the Buggy Tour is the one for you! Set off to discover Puglia in one of our Buggies, the fun little cars, perfectly equipped for a safe, pleasant ride. Our expert guides will lead you along the wonderful landscapes of the Murgia to let you admire rock churches, ancient olive trees, and of course the trulli!

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Buggy 4
Buggy 7
Buggy 8
Buggy 9
Buggy 6

Vespa Tour

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    AAdmire the landscape, get in direct contact with the territory, get involved in every sense. The Vespa is a fun vehicle, which allows you to experience all the beauty of Puglia!
    Through breathtaking paths, you can immerse yourself completely in the enchanting landscape of Puglia and experience every authentic emotion. Driving the Vespa, you will be the protagonist of a journey suspended between emotions and history, between culture and nature. An intense and engaging experience that you absolutely must try. So what are you waiting for? Get in the saddle and set off to conquer the landscapes of Puglia!

Vespa 1
Vespa 2
Vespa 3
Vespa 4
Vespa 5
Vespa 7

Kayak & Sup

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    The kayak and SUP experience between Polignano a Mare and Monopoli is an adventurous journey along the breathtaking coast of Puglia. As an adventurer you will have the opportunity to explore the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea as you sail among sea caves, rocks and hidden coves along the way. Traversing this stunning coastline by kayak or SUP offers a unique way to enjoy the wilderness and discover secluded corners off the beaten path. With expert instructors, you can discover the natural beauty and rich history of this coastal region in a safe and fun way.
Kayak&sup 2
Kayak&sup 3

Hot Air Balloon Tour

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    With the hot air balloon tour we play with time and wind, in a fascinating and intriguing journey in the skies of Puglia and Basilicata. You will fly in total safety with expert guides, over the trulli surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, or over the extraordinary heritage of the Sassi di Matera, over Castel del Monte, or over the Calanchi Lucani. When viewed from this new perspective, the landscape will fill your gaze with timeless magic, above the heart of unforgettable lands!

Mongolfiera 2
Mongolfiera 3
Mongolfiera 5
Mongolfiera 6
Mongolfiera 7

Weaving laboratory

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    Una splendida tenuta immersa nel verde, ospita un laboratorio di tessitura ispirato alla scuola di "trine e merletti" fondata nei primi del ‘900: un'organizzazione che trasformò l'arte del ricamo domestico in un mestiere femminile altamente qualificato, emancipando economicamente e socialmente le donne della comunità, oltre che contribuire allo sviluppo del territorio. Proverai anche tu a lavorare al telaio, con l’aiuto di esperte artigiane che producono, su antichi telai a 4 licci, manufatti tessili di altissima qualità per arredamento e moda, lavorando dal 2020 per la prestigiosa Mason Dior.

Laboratorio Tessitura (2)
Laboratorio Tessitura (1)
Laboratorio Tessitura Prima Foto
Laboratorio Tessitura (3)


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    It's an ancient tradition that has remained unchanged over time. The art of Apulian ceramics are characterized by the meticulous attention paid by the potters to the techniques handed down by generations. And this is how crockery, baking dishes, objects of all kinds take shape with passion and dedication. Among the various artifacts, the true symbol of local craftsmanship is the Pumo di Puglia, a wish for new life, resurrection, perfection, and beauty. In a typical ceramics factory, we will tell you the history of this material, watch the creation of a terracotta artefact from forming, to firing, to decoration, and visit the adjacent showroom.

Ceramica 1
Ceramica 2
Ceramica 3
Ceramica 4


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    Paper, water, and flour. Three simple ingredients that mixed with imagination and creativity, for centuries, have created wonderful artifacts that enchant visitors.
    The magic of papier mache is repeated every time the papier mache masters begin to give shape to the famous puppets. We will lead you to the discovery of this ingenious art form: you will be able to participate in a practical workshop to learn the secrets of papier-mâché and learn the history of this tradition. Guided by the expert hands of a local papier mache, you will be the one to create a small papier mache artefact, to take with you as a souvenir of this wonderful experience!

Cartapesta 1
Cartapesta 2
Cartapesta 3
Cartapesta 4

Pizzica lessons

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    A frenetic dance with a magical and therapeutic component. The Pizzica Salentina, a popular dance of the tarantella family, was danced to awaken those who had fallen into a state of shock from a tarantula bite. Thanks to the "Night of the Taranta" and its international appeal, the Pizzica's popularity is growing. It is appreciated as a prime example of the region's traditional folklore. Would you like to learn to dance the Pizzica? Our expert dancer will explain the origins of this dance, illustrate the movements, and guide you through the steps. Come dance in Puglia and let yourself be carried away by the driving beat and rhythm of the Pizzica!

Pizzica 1
Pizzica 2
Pizzica 3
Pizzica 4
Pizzica 5
Pizzica 7

Boat Tour

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    Majestic cliffs, mysterious caves, and enchanting hidden coves: experience this magical place from a unique perspective! With our coastal boat tours, you can reach undisturbed areas where you can be in contact with nature. Punctuating the towering cliffs are sea-caves accessible by boat only. Tucked in amongst the caves and rocky shoreline are sandy coves inaccessible by foot. Gliding above the crystalline water, we will explore these with you, “flying” above the seabed, visible even at great depths. Expert and certified sailors will take you to many of the most amazing places along the coast, for swimming, snorkeling, photography, or simply tanning under the Apulian sun. Join us for a dip in the “blue painted blue” and an exhilarating day. Welcome aboard!

Boat 1
Boat 2
Boat 3
Boat 4


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    Just below the surface of the water, between the land and the sea, the gates of the marine world open wide, revealing a universe of biodiversity and life that still holds surprises. The coast south of Bari is made up of unique views, shallow waters, and multiple sea caves populated by fascinating creatures. Under the guidance of a biologist and a speleologist, we will take you to the waters of Polignano a Mare and Monopoli to learn about its biology and ecology. Dive with us in this fascinating world!

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